Saturday, May 15, 2010

Revisiting old work

I dug up this render that I did a year or so ago, I used Richard Kuchinsky's Footwear Rendering tutorial as the guideline. Check it out here. Seeing his work for Hummel back in 2006ish was a HUGE part of my decision to go back to school for design. I'm still on the search for his Hummel Mid Characters in my size!

The original render is below, I spruced it up a bit in the new one above added some value and tweaked the proportions, I think they are still a little off but it will do for now.

The honeycomb pattern was created in Illustrator, I vectorized a honeycomb jpg, then used the 3D extrude tool. I could probably get a better result using Alias but for quick and dirty extrudes I really like Illustrator.

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