Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bluetooth Speaker Project

New Project!

I'm planning on making a bluetooth speaker out of wood, using the same process that I used for a freshman project at DAAP, the monolith project.

I am going for an animal feel to this, trying to give it some personality and also make it something that would look cool sitting on my desk. The guts of this were pulled from a Sony MBS-100 that I picked up off ebay for $10. The wood is leftover from last year and I will be finishing it with either a stain or a clear lacquer. I will probably use my old monolith project as a guinea pig to test finishes.

Next steps:
-Small scale clay mockups
-Pink foam full scale models
-Begin final model

Guts of the Sony MBS-100

"Monolith" project from last year that will serve as my finish guinea-pig

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